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mini001 Flash Games provides more than 10000 free games and online games
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Flashgames Toolbar provides instant access to the Mini001 webpage, which contains lots of free games to play. If you click on games, you will be able to view the webpage in lots of languages, which is absolutely great. It also includes other buttons and components that have nothing to do with this page, like a link to a business site, YouTube, music top 10, an online radio player, weather forecaster, email notifier, and chat rooms. It also includes a search field to look for whatever you want in the net by entering keywords, even by specific categories like images, videos, etc. What is more, if you wish to customize your toolbar, you can do it from the options menu. You can add and remove buttons and components as you wish, and you can also download more from the internet.
All in all, Flashgames Toolbar doesn't include anything that you won't find in other similar toolbars, so If you already have toolbars installed, I suggest you just add Mini001 to your Favorites or Bookmarks and don't waste your time with this useless toolbar.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Free.
  • Customizable.
  • Allows you to view the page in multiple languages.


  • Doesn't include anything that you cannot find in other similar toolbars.
  • Not available for Google Chrome.
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